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Premium Oak Charcoal - Stick 2 kg

  • Made of 100% Natural Oak wood.
  • It consists of specially selected pieces.
  • Restaurant quality.
  • Easy to ignite thanks to its low humidity.
  • It offers uninterrupted barbecue pleasure with a minimum burning time of 3 hours. It becomes ember in 20 minutes.
  • Recommended for use with ignition chimney and cubes. Long-lasting embers, ideal heat for barbecue, universal use.
  • Does not contain toxic substances. Low ash content. Low smoke content.
  • Produced in high technology proliz furnaces.
  • Gives high calorie heat Minimum 7500 kCal Heat Value.
  • Maximum 3% Ash Rate
  • Smokeless, odorless and flameless


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Smell oak
Weight 2 kg

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