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5KARBON - Recipes and Advices

03 Aug Konya Picnic Areas and Barbecue Places
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Konya Barbecue Places and RecommendationsAre you looking for barbecue places in Konya with your family, as the summer days are over? In this article, we share the places where you can eat barbecue as a family.Kent OrmanlariIf you want to have a barbecue and chat with your family or friends in a quiet place among the trees, rather than a restaurant,..
30 Jul Bursa Picnic Areas and Barbecue Areas
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Barbecue Places in BursaWhen you go to Bursa or are looking for barbecue places in Bursa with your family or friends, this article is for you.KirazliyaylaThis is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent places in Bursa, Uludag is a wonderful place in itself, a calm and magnificent place with its clean air. It is really great to listen to the pine ai..
17 Jul Grill & Fireplace
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Having a nice picnic with our loved ones always makes us happy. We can relieve the tiredness of the week either with crowded groups or by having a picnic in a quieter way. Of course, when we say picnic, we Turks immediately think of barbecue. We marinate the meat well, then light the barbecue and serve it well. But of course, in some cases, there m..
07 Jul Barbecue and Material Importance
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As Turkish people, we have always loved to barbecue. When the weather warms up, we go to the barbecue in groups and have a nice barbecue and have fun. Of course, it is these barbecue materials that make a barbecue high quality. We will be your assistant during your barbecue pleasure. You can meet your needs such as coal and barbecue through us. It ..
16 Oct Ankara Camping Areas
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ANKARA CAMPING PLACESWe have prepared this article for those who live in Ankara and look at photographs of the sea and nature with envy. After the article, you will realize that Ankara, a city of students and civil servants, is not just a gray city. There are wonderful camping areas close to Ankara where you can relieve the stress of the city and m..
15 Oct Istanbul Picnic and Barbecue Place Recommendations
15 Oct How to Pick Charcoal?
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How to Choose Charcoal?The most important material in the barbecue is good and quality coal. Currently, there are 2 different types of coal in the market, domestic and imported. A type of coal called imported coal from Russia or Bulgaria is thick and light. When it burns, it sparks around. It burns to ash immediately. Meat cooked on this charcoal i..
15 Oct Grill & BBQ Trick
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Now is the time to be in touch with nature, to fill our lungs with oxygen on the one hand, and to flatten charcoal on the other. We are a society that likes to meet with friends, embrace nature and enjoy a barbecue, especially on weekends. Likewise, let's not forget that the taste of meat is another good thing in charcoal. It is not only the taste ..
08 Oct How to Prepare Grill?
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Before we cook anything, let's make sure our barbecue is ready and clean. We need 2 minutes for this. Throw the ashes out of your brazier!The ash pile accumulating under the grill obstructs the air flow, making the cooking process difficult. If there are piles of ash under your barbecue in this way, you can clean and throw them properly.Clean the g..
08 Oct Bursa Picnic and Barbecue Place Recommendations
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We have compiled recommendations for you where you can have fun with your loved ones on the weekend, barbecue and picnic in Bursa.We can start our list with picnic places and sort it as follows:Soğanlı Botanic Park,Bursa Urban Forest,Alaçam Bursa Picnic Area,Bursa Balat ForestBursa Barbeque Places:Kestel Municipality Recreation Area,Ransom Kızık Re..
07 Oct Barbecue Chupra Recipe
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First of all, we prepare the necessary ingredients for our barbecue bream recipe:As many as the number of people,salt,cumin,black pepperFor the above:Olive oil,garlicPreparation of the Recipe: We clean our breamers by scraping their scales nicely. Then we scratch both sides of the fish. Then we salt the inside and outside of our fish, and add black..
06 Oct Grilled Lamb Chops Recipe
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Grilled Lamb Chops Recipe8 lamb chops,4 garlic cloves, mincedsalt when dark,black pepper when dark,4 tablespoons of thymeAfter mixing all your ingredients so as not to spoil the consistency, marinate for 1 hour. Then, enjoy the barbecue by cooking both sides on your grill! Bon Appetit!..
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