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Red Oak Firewood 10 kg
New 2-3 Days
Brand: 5KARBON Model: M10O
With pre-dried and split red oak logs, you can meet your long-term cooking and heating needs...
Ex Tax:199.00TL
Brand: 5KARBON Model: M10T
Made of 100% Natural Beech wood.It consists of specially selected parts for you.It is of restaurant quality.It is easily ignited thanks to its low humidity.It offers uninterrupted barbecue pleasure with a minimum of 6 hours of burning time. It becomes embers in 20 minutes.Use with ignition chimneys ..
Ex Tax:599.00TL
Brand: 5KARBON Model: S1P
Willow Charcoal: A Versatile Natural Material Across IndustriesDescription: Derived from willow tree branches, willow charcoal is a versatile and natural material known for its purity and quality. It has been used for centuries across various industries due to its exceptional properties.Advantages ..
Ex Tax:199.00TL
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