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Fire Wood

Long Burning Briquette Fireplace Wood and Pre-Dried Oak Fire Wood 

Firewood from compressed wood dust is indispensable for indoor fireplaces and outdoor activities.

Its long burning time is much longer than that of conventional dried wood, and it also burns flamingly for a long time.

Pre-Dried Red oak wood, which is known for its hardness, is also available within our product range.

Brand: 5KARBON Model: B10
Briquette wood made from compressed wood chips is ideal for your fireplace and campfire...
Ex Tax:359.00TL
Red Oak Firewood 10 kg
New 2-3 Days
Brand: 5KARBON Model: M10O
With pre-dried and split red oak logs, you can meet your long-term cooking and heating needs...
Ex Tax:199.00TL
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