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20 Nov How its made: Biochar
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The concept of “biochar” first appeared in scientific literature in the work of the National Assembly of the American Chemical Society. The word was a composite of “bio” (biomass) and “semi-coke” (char). The biochar described in that work was obtained from sorghum grain seeds using the “triple reverse burning ChemChar” process.Bio-char has a high c..
20 Nov Biochar in Feed Digestion
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Mechanisms of biochar in feed digestionAdsorption Before biochar was investigated and used as a regular feed additive for animals in the early 2010s, charcoal (i.e., biochar made from wood) and activated carbon (i.e., activated biochar when made from biomass; Hagemann et al., 2018) was considered a veterinary drug to tackle indigestion and poisonin..
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