Now is the time to be in touch with nature, to fill our lungs with oxygen on the one hand, and to flatten charcoal on the other. We are a society that likes to meet with friends, embrace nature and enjoy a barbecue, especially on weekends. Likewise, let's not forget that the taste of meat is another good thing in charcoal. It is not only the taste of the meat but also makes the barbecue more attractive; There is also a period of burning barbecue, flatulence, and the protection of the fire ... Barbecue pleasures pass in a full ceremony atmosphere. Barbecue is one of the leading national food traditions of the Turks. But even though it seems easy to burn barbecue with a history dating back to the Stone Age, it is necessary to know some tricks. In order to cook and flavor meat well, it is necessary to make good marinades and seal the liquid in it. In short, the job is not over by throwing the meat to the manga. It is necessary to choose the right meat until it reaches that level. If you marinate and cook the right meat properly, don't touch it. As a nation, we usually marinate meats with onion and olive oil. Of course, many barbecues have their own special sauces and little secrets.

You bought the right meat, prepared the marinating sauce. Now it's time for cooking. Here are some tips to keep the flavor from cooking while cooking meat ...

  • The more you turn the meatballs and their derivatives on the barbecue, the more delicious it will be. But pay attention to the well-balanced cooking of both sides.
  • There is a big difference between cooking and drying meat. Overcooked meat loses its water and loses its flavor.
  • If you turn the meat with a fork, the water in it will flow onto the fire and all the flavor of the meat will go away. The most important point when cooking meat is that it stays in its juice. For this, it is necessary to turn the meat with the help of tongs.