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07 Oct Barbecue Chupra Recipe
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First of all, we prepare the necessary ingredients for our barbecue bream recipe:As many as the number of people,salt,cumin,black pepperFor the above:Olive oil,garlicPreparation of the Recipe: We clean our breamers by scraping their scales nicely. Then we scratch both sides of the fish. Then we salt the inside and outside of our fish, and add black..
06 Oct Grilled Lamb Chops Recipe
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Grilled Lamb Chops Recipe8 lamb chops,4 garlic cloves, mincedsalt when dark,black pepper when dark,4 tablespoons of thymeAfter mixing all your ingredients so as not to spoil the consistency, marinate for 1 hour. Then, enjoy the barbecue by cooking both sides on your grill! Bon Appetit!..
06 Oct Grilled Chicken Wing Recipe
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Wouldn't you like to live with chicken, which is both enjoyable and affordable?Grilled chicken wings recipe500 grams of chicken wings,1 teaspoon tomato paste,2 tablespoons of oil,2 tablespoons of yoghurt,Thyme when dark,black pepper when dark,When black pepper flakes,salt when darkAfter mixing all the ingredients in the bowl, soak your wings in the..
06 Oct Grilled Hamburger Recipe
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First of all, we need 4 hamburger buns.For meatballs600 grams of ground beef,3 teaspoons of mustard,3 teaspoons of vinegar,3 teaspoons of breadcrumbs,3 teaspoons of molasses,1 teaspoon of salt,1 teaspoon of black pepperLet's knead all the ingredients without mixing too much. If you knead too much, it will lose its consistency. Keep it in the fridge..
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