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High Quality Charcoal with Environmentally Friendly Production

One of the oldest technologies known to mankind for many years is charcoal production. Charcoal produced from wood and wood-based wastes is used in many different sectors. However, charcoal produced using traditional methods causes air pollution and fatal work accidents during the production phase, and the resulting product cannot be controlled in terms of quality.

Today, more than 50 million tons of charcoal are produced annually in the world, but 95% of this production is produced using traditional methods, and every 1 ton of coal produced releases 4 tons of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

As 5Karbon, we combine this process with technology and convert the gases generated in the charcoal production process into energy by pyrolysis method and make completely environmentally friendly production.

Thanks to this technology, we control the production quality and produce carbon-based products that will appeal to different sectors.

Production Proces

Specially selected woods, sawdusts and wood-based wastes are shredded and ground into final products.

Various Sectors

Charcoal produced from different raw materials is used in many different sectors.